Ant Knowledge: Ants can fire
Inputtime:2014-03-26 10:31:11
In 1985, French scientists have found that ants can fire. Later, a British zoologist experiments confirmed the French scientists found.
British scientists have put a lighted incense is put into a nest. To start, the nest of ants be convulsed with fear, and after about 20 seconds, many ants see danger and fire, have rushed, and eject formic acid. Ant an ant can be acid injection is limited, therefore, some "warrior" inferno. But they fought, in less than a minute, finally put out the fire. Living body will immediately "comrades", a "transferred to the nearby cemetery", covered with a thin layer of soil, as a burial.
A month later, the zoologist and put a candle in the nest the original observation. Although the "fire" bigger, but this group of ants has experience, deploy forces quickly everything in good order and well arranged, cooperative engagement. In less than a minute, the candle is extinguished, and no dead ants. Scientists believe that ants create fire.
Ants are extraordinary performance when the crowning calamity, especially egregious.
When, in wild fires up to escape, many ants quickly gather, hold together to form a clique, then rapid rolling like a snowball, escape the flames. That pitter's charred voice, is the outermost layer of the ants use their body to open up the road to survive cries out, is to forget about one's own, no regrets. The power of unity is so big, enough to solve anything. But some of us are in the collective is not unity, but drag Group, and a group of ants can be so united, is worth us to ponder.